upgrading composition media system DIY

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upgrading composition media system DIY

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I own a 64 plate mk 6 VW polo Blue GT ACT.

I currently have what i believe is the standard composition media system without the sat nav feature and with no NAV button on the unit.

Im looking to upgrade the system to the discover level system with the sat nav but being new to this sort of thing i could use some advice relating to what exactly i need to be able to achieve this???

Im currently under the impression i would need the new system unit itself (featuring the 'nav' button) aswell as the right VW maps SD card??? and also some form of GPS receiver???

Is there anything else I would need??? Any advice available would be greatly appreciated
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Re: upgrading composition media system DIY

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The unit with NAV is called Discover Media, and indeed you do need a VW sdcard with the maps on it.
The maps can be freely downloaded from VW though.

You don't need a GPS receiver, it is built-in, but you do need a GPS antenna obviously.

These units are normally matched to a car using Component Protection.
Most likely your current unit is patched by either hardware or software, and obviously your new Discover Media unit needs to be patched as well, and also NAV should be enabled.
(Normally all options are enabled when you have the unit patched)

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