6n2 polo cuts out when driving

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Re: 6n2 polo cuts out when driving

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Glad its sorted :)
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Re: 6n2 polo cuts out when driving

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Finleye2000 wrote: Fri Mar 22, 2019 4:22 pm Annoyingly the garage I went to didn’t give me the codes before they erased them. One was for the camshaft sensor which I’ve now replaced, still no better. Replaced the ignition coil as well which they recommended and still nothing. I’ve got a replacement ignition switch from my local VW parts supplier but have no clue how to fit it.
It’s now got a permanent engine light which I can’t clear with code “unknown c0300”. Anyone have an idea what this is?

Hello Finleye2000. Please tell me how do you change the camshaft position sensor, where is located ? I didn't find him, if you can tell me exactly the position of this sensor. Thank you.
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