Fitted a new speedo but car won’t start

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Fitted a new speedo but car won’t start

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I recently bought a mk5 polo for my daughter and immediately on driving it back from the garage the speedo stopped working. Garage are giving me the run around and pretty much refusing to do anything. They said it needed a new clock/speedo and have bought me one. They said they’d fit it but then posted it to me and are now ignoring my texts.

So I watched a YouTube video on what to do and fitted the new speedo. Then the car won’t start. Put the old one back in and it starts. I’m assuming it’s something to do with the immobiliser? Does it need resetting when a new speedo is put in? If so is that easy to do? It’s an automatic if that makes a difference.
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Re: Fitted a new speedo but car won’t start

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I believe the new instrument cluster will need coding to the car for immobiliser and key remotes to work

If it’s a second hand unit that may be another issue
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