Polo is a girls car

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I've had its a ... girls car/hairdressers car :lol: .

I bought mine beacause i wanted a small well made turbo diesel german hatchback that was economical and in silver. :wink:
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New B wrote:
shantybeater wrote:
CymruPolo wrote:I don't care, at least they don't think it's a Golf. If I had £1 every time someone's asked me if it's a Golf I'd be a millionaire :lol:
Oh my god i'm not the only one,it cracks me up!
X3 :shock:
X4 :shock:

I don't care as my "girls car" looks great, handles very nicely and goes quite well too (soon to be even faster!!!)
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ITS A UNISEX CAR! Same with corsas, clios, saxos etc. Micras are girls cars, theyre ergonomically designed for women. I think my car is a boy because its black and roars louder than my mum when shes in a stress and the steering is firm.

Now minis, thers a debate. Ive long thaught of minis as girls cars, but when i drove one, it was the quickest, smoothest, best handling car ive ever driven! Everything was nice and firm not all springy like the corsa.
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the polo is just a smaller version of a golf really, meaning its for a poor MAN lol

now the ford Ka thats girly, spesh in bright bloody pink :?:
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Wouldnt say its girly.....if anything its OAP-ish, a grandma-mobeel! I think with subtle styling the polo looks quite mean and can ive an aggressive stance if done right, but i suppose you could do that with most cars. But defo wouldnt say its girly! never had a mate say mines is girly!
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Re: Polo is a girls car

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I think it really depends upon who owns it.
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Re: Polo is a girls car

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Who said it's a girls car? I mean, it's like every other physical possession, make it your own, decorate it so it's like you.
Or, alternatively, embrace the "girls' car" cliche and start picking up girls with it! That's something yours truly had tested during a trip to Spain: I was supposed to check out these flats for sale in Barcelona for insurance quotes, but then, that's what I did during the day with an expert, what I did during the evenings was my business :D
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