Sold car for friend - help needed

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Sold car for friend - help needed

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Hi all,

Hope you and your families are safe and well.

Basically my mate was busy before the Christmas period.

He had a car. He asked me to list on my work ebay and deal with the sale. So I did.

Car is clean, worked perfectly and was serviced acording to manufacturers spec if not always recorded.

Car was sold £1000 cheaper than market price due to time of year. Car was spot on, he had opportunity to check, he wasnt rushed I made sure before he transferred he got out and went around the car again.

Car sold on 23/12/2019, purchaser came back to me today 24/03/20120 saying the bottom end has gone and he wants £2499.

It was a private sale, we're not traders, no trade implied. He came to my hosue and paid into my account. I then transferred money to my friend.

Got him to sign an AA private sale agreement.

My mate is going through a rough time due Covid-19 afecting his business and he needs to feed his kids. I'd like this to go away, nicely.

Where do I stand?

Any help is greatly apprecaited.
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