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Post FORUM SPECIFIC questions here: Such as, "HELP, I can't keep logged in for more than one session" etc... Not general help questions such as "my car won't start". You get the idea?
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PM function

Post by dibbers »

hi, i was wondering if there is a way the newbie restriction on PMs can be lifted - dont want to needlessly post / bump old threads just to achieve a count of 10. have a couple of purchases i would like to make / raise payments via PM, but stuck in the meantime....

any help appreciated.
thanks in advance.
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Re: PM function

Post by alexperkins »


I'm afraid not. The 10 post limit is there for a reason. Any less and the forum gets spammed with all sort of rubbish like Viagra, porn and other Unpleasant things

Your already at 5 posts - surely you can find five more posts to make!


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Re: PM function

Post by marin6r »

So this is the reason why I cant respond to PM. :D Thought it was some kind of bug
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