Polo GTI 2017 tweeter wiring

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Polo GTI 2017 tweeter wiring

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Hi there,

Replacing stock components with a Match MS 62 C universal (should have been a Match MS 62 C VW.1 but ordered wrong)...

My intention was to use the existing tweeter connector in the a pillar to run the input to the crossover (I've just directly connected the woofer to the existing cable in the door). However, each tweeter is wired with a red & black/red. Ordinarily, I would have expected the cable that was marked with a stripe (so in this case red/black) to be positive, but I'm not so sure given the colour of the other cable is 'red' which you would assume was positive.

I've tried the 1.5v battery trick, but I cannot see if the cone is moving in or out, just an audible 'pop' on the old tweeters. That said, the red cable is soldered to a larger connector than the red/black, and it is the terminal closer to the capacitor for cut off.

Any help much appreciated.
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