Speaker failure !

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Speaker failure !

Post by LTPolo123 »

The left speaker is dead on our Polo (2012 1.2). I wiggled the wiring, no help. I removed the door card and removed/cleaned and replaced the push on clip. No help. I have replaced the head unit with a Sony BT and still no better, no sound from left hand side and right hand side tweeter is very crackly if you turn the sound up. Can I get to the tweeters easily or are there air bags in the A pillar? Any suggestions for speaker/tweeter replacement. No boom box stuff as we are retired and just like "good" sounds!
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Re: Speaker failure !

Post by Feeblington »

Sounds like either speakers are blown or wirings gone somewhere. If you have another speaker (even a hifi one) you could test the left side. And if you get sound u know its the speaker if not..multimeter job
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