'Phone not available'

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'Phone not available'

Post by alhamzahh »

I own a VW polo 2015 Reg

I recently had its infotainment system go dark. I took it to Volkswagen and they charge £65 to diagnose that I needed a new control uni for my infotainment system.
they quoted me £3000 to replace the part.

I decided to go to a local garage who deal with VW and are proficient in electrical works,

once the unit got fit my screen has turned back on and it is functional however,

it does not allow me to connect Bluetooth devices. it shows me the bluetooth connection on my phone but does not pair with it.
it also sometimes shows me 'unable to turn on bluetooth' on the car screen.

I used to be able to use a USB cord to play my music but that now shows as 'no playable files' even though I am using the same app (Spotify)

any help would be appreciated..

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