Supermarket or branded fuel? The age old discussion!

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Re: Supermarket or branded fuel? The age old discussion!

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Teutonic_Tamer wrote: Mon Nov 27, 2017 1:21 am Do I guess you are a bulk tanker driver?
No, not a tanker driver, but I was closely involved in the industry for a few years. Interesting that in the latest consultation the Govt have said there will not be further increases in the ethanol blend ratio as they expect petrol sales to start declining as cars move to electric power.

The BP Ultimate product was 102 RON, I cannot remember the last time I saw it, but that's probably because I almost always stop at Shell. BP always seem to be a penny dearer as well, whatever the grade.

and to Baz, I would assume that the blend ratio would be well up towards the upper end of the spec to help achieve their blending obligations under the RTFO, they're just keeping flexibiity to deal with supply chain issues and difference between winter / summer blends. The winter diesel blend has more aromatics to reduce the change of fuel freezing, well getting gloopy in this country. Try and keep the weather fine in Perth will you please, I'm heading up there early doors tomorrow morning to pick a car up :)
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