Coil Pack Problem?

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Coil Pack Problem?

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Just today i bought a VW polo from someone on facebook. The car was listed at £800 and i was happy to pay that as it has a fresh MOT, I really like Polo's so i was keen to get in and have a drive, when i was inspecting the car i noticed it had a check engine light and it felt like it was misfiring. I read recently that the coil packs seem to go a lot on Polo's. On closer inspection i noticed that one of the coil pack didn't have a rubber coating on it and it was quite loose. After getting the guy down to £600 i was happy with my purchase and eager to sign things over.

Once i got in the car and got halfway home, I noticed a severe lack of power and my brand new car could barely move. I checked the coil pack as the misfire felt more intense and i saw that it had come loose, I unplugged it and put it back in place firmly. And the car ran fine for a few miles until it slipped out again and i had to pull over and repeat. Just wondering if anyone had a similar experience and could give me some advice. I have brought a new coil pack and it should be coming tomorrow. Will update here to if it seems to fix the problem.

Also i'm not very good with cars so i would appreciate all the help i can get.

Cheers lads.
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