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Anyone know about the car juddering when low revs like when going up a hill? It’s all good but sometimes it judders when building up speed.... any help would be ideal
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Re: Juddering

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Not sure if this is mechanical or electrical. Based on the conditions you describe I've experience the same problem which was traced to a faulty on-plug coil unit (or two, can't recall) and was worse in damp weather. It also occurred going up a hill under load. If you need to replace these I'd go for genuine VW units. More recently I have some juddering when resuming take off at low speeds from a rolling start or a standing start. This usually occurs after having come down from a higher speed (e.g. 50 mph). This problem has been there a long time (several years) but recently occurs more often. Still trying to figure out whether that is due to a general electrical gremlins problem, or mechanical.
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