1.8T swap

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1.8T swap

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I know every man and his dog goes on about doing this... but i have been looking at possibly doing it in the near future after getting very bored of the current pd130, and put off buying a GTI due to the price. So i feel like buying a 1.2 and engine swapping might be justified. As an engineer who doesn't work with vehicles i could be asking a naive question.

After doing a little bit of research ive seen that there is an ibiza with a 1.8T lump in but i believe its the weaker variant without forged components unlike the ones found in TT's and S3's. Although i assume if i could get my hands on an ibiza i would have right drivehshafts and brake setup etc already there without any need to modify.

There seems to be a lot of these engines about , so the question is does anybody know if the better 1.8T engines with KO4's etc will go in or is there too much difference.

Also what is the difference between the 180hp and 150hp engines seeing as though they use the same turbos. Thanks

Attached some pictures of the current beast and its transformation. Bought as an accident damaged polo GT 1.9 TDI
polo imagwe 22.PNG
polo image.JPG
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