Tinny rattle...DSG?

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Tinny rattle...DSG?

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Hi guys

I am hoping somebody can shed some light on this tinny rattle I'm getting around gear changes, more prevalent when the engine is cold.

The car (2015 DSG Polo GTI) has already had a new mechatronics unit and clutch when it starting shifting badly last year. Apparently the mechatronics unit had 'disintegrated' according to VW which is is why it was replaced. The replacement parts cured the shifting issues but left this awful and annoying sound which is really bugging me! I wondered if anyone else has experienced similar issues? I have ready through a lot of the DSG threads about rattles etc. but none seem to be exactly what I'm experiencing. I'm currently pursuing it under warranty with VW but so far they are saying it is normal... any thoughts welcome!


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