9n tdi fmic piping - diy?

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9n tdi fmic piping - diy?

Post by monka »

have tried looking, but cannot find any guides or details. but does anyone know what sizes/lengths etc of pipes i need to do a diy fmic install?

i just want the pipework, and Airtec do a kit, although at over £200 it seems quite expensive for what is a few pipes

https://www.airtecmotorsport.com/produc ... 30-diesel/
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Re: 9n tdi fmic piping - diy?

Post by whoppadom »

Just buy the cheap ting ting pow pipes off ebay for £100. I have them on my polo and they fit well with minor adjustments.

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/INTERCOOLER- ... Sw~Wpd8GSu
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