6n2 2001 Polo 1.4TDI Running Rough

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6n2 2001 Polo 1.4TDI Running Rough

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I'm usually a lurker, but I figure I need to reach out to the Polo gods for insight.

I am having a bit of rough running Polo 1.4tdi - no recent modifications, stock ecu - put about 14k on the car over the past year.

Here's a VCDS log, if anyone has any input. I appreciate any feedback on this! I may take it to the local VW specialist in Ipswich, but I fear the troubleshooting hours may stack up quickly if they don't know what to look for.

Feel free to ask me questions, issue began whilst heading down the freeway at 70mph, rough running, lots of stinky not normal diesel smoke out exhaust.

1) Checked/ replaced most of the vacuum lines. Noticed one going to bottom of the turbo was melted shut which I've seen others post about happening, now has a fresh and tight new line going to it.

2) Put a couple PSI on turbo actuator - Saw the rod move accordingly. Unable to measure travel as it's kinda hidden away in the engine's rear.

3) Last year replaced the cam sensor (hence showing group 4 info) with a non-OEM one as it had a similar rough running issue and bad PD injection torsion value... I think I'm close enough as it is now, but can try adjusting and maybe throwing in a new sensor...

4) Performed a really rough leak check around 15-20psi setup from egr valve inlet before manifold and airbox - no leak sounds noticed along piping. MAP sensor readouts seamed to match input pressure (around 16psi showed an increase to around 1090millibar) but I was doing this alone so it wasn't too accurate of a reading.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z3XegB ... sp=sharing

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NJupkg ... sp=sharing
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