Pressure Washers

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Pressure Washers

Post by Mayhem »

Right im planning on getting an outside tap fitted so i can get a pressure washer. Whats peoples recommendations? Everyone still using Karchers?? Got a budget of around £200 to spend. Was considering a karcher K2, any alternatives i should consider?

Cheers guys
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Re: Pressure Washers

Post by bizzyfingers »

Ive got a Nillfisk C120. Its perfect for diy use on the car and in the garden was only £80 iirc.

Just make sure in the winter months its stored in a warm place or emptied as the water will expand and damage the internals. ... 7AbynYCgCQ
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Re: Pressure Washers

Post by George417 »

Another vote for a Nilfisk washer. I had mine for a couple of years, it's used regular and never missed a beat
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Re: Pressure Washers

Post by greypolo9n3 »

get a decent secondhand nilfisk

or a secondhand kranzle...kranzle is the best ever trust

Thats the one i got..its tiny and the amount of power is insane..more than nilfisks!

If you can get a secondhand at your budget then get it
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Re: Pressure Washers

Post by FL07_HER »

I'd suggest a small Stihl RE88/98, both good small pressure washers without a ridiculous price tag, essentially a Nilfisk underneath but cheaper to repair if they break. I work at a garden and agricultural machinery firm and there is a £14.95 carriage charge on any Nilfisk parts yet it's free for Stihl parts!
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