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Sprayed side

Post by s-gx »

Hi last week one of my friends filled and sprayed the side of my car due to being a massive scratch on side. Due to weather he didn't get a chance to polish it up. What is the best polish and stuff to use and do I need to use a machine polisher, as you can see the Orange peel when u look at it close up? Thanks

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Re: Sprayed side

Post by WRC2257 »

to get rid of overspray I would recommend claying your car.
I've done this with my GF golf mkV and it came out really smooth and shiny
No need for a machine to get rid of overspray.

Steps I did:
1. wash it :)
2. clay with a clay bar
3. put some sealant on it
4. wax it

I did all with product from the chemical guys, here some links:
1. http://www.chemicalguysuk.com/product_p/mrpnk.htm
2. http://www.chemicalguysuk.com/Chemical_ ... r_s/32.htm depending on how "contaminated" it is use fine/med/heavy duty, also buy a lubricator

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Re: Sprayed side

Post by alexperkins »

It it's got orange peel it isn't over spray. That's unfinished lacquer

You'll need a mild cutting paste and a machine polisher to get a good even finish

If you haven't got one ask a local body shop nicely. It'll only take them ten minutes
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