Possible repair method for coolant fan

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Possible repair method for coolant fan

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One of the common failures of the cooling fans on the 6n2, and probably other Polos / VW's is that the slow speed stops working because the "resistor fails". The solution is a new fan, or possibly some external resistor arrangement.

Having suffered the same failure I decided to break into the sealed fan unit and find out what has gone on.

Put simply, there is no resistor as such, simply a length of flat wire surrounded by a ceramic insulator which gets warm and wastes some of the electrical energy as heat. So a very primitive resistor - or a small bar fire :)

Now having taken it apart, in my case it appears that all that has happened is that the point where the wire joins the heating element was broken on one side. Both sides are now broken due to disassembly and education purposes.

It would seem therefore that it is possible to repair these items. I don't know if the "resistor" is available to buy, but hoping someone with more knowledge can perhaps help.

Anyway, for those curious
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