ABS/ ESP warning lights - false alarm

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ABS/ ESP warning lights - false alarm

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Polo GTi 56 plate.
Problems with my wife's polo.
From time to time the following warning lights come on accompanied by warning beep:
ABS light, ESP light, Brake (red exclamation mark) light and steering light.
Also speedometer stops working.
However there are no actual faults. If she stops and turns the ignition off, and turns it on again after about 10 minutes, warnings clear.
Heavy rain seems to instigate it however, it has happened when braking or turning steering wheel on full lock.
So far all brake sensors have been replaced, the ABS ECU has been sent to a specialist and returned no fault found and the brake light switch has been changed.
The fault is now appearing more frequently but with no obvious trigger. On the last occasion the ABS OFF light within the on/off switch lit as well. Any thoughts anyone?
I find it frustrating that the system will not let me search for ABS, ESP or ECU as they are all three letters!
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Re: ABS/ ESP warning lights - false alarm

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sounds like an issue with a wheel sensor of some kind, but it's more of a guess than a certainty
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