4 6N2 GTI's & 1 6N @ Castle Combes Race Track 24/05/10

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4 6N2 GTI's & 1 6N @ Castle Combes Race Track 24/05/10

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I was doing a track day in my Mates Fabia vRS and while there I spotted 4 GTI's & a Silver 6N

1. Red GTI - Slammed on Coilovers with 14" White Wheels, it had a White Iron Cross sticker on the bonnet and the"GTI" badge on the grille was all red.
It was parked next to a few golf's.
2. Silver 6N - This was parked next to the Red GTI above, it was lowered on coilovers with 15" Lenso BBS replica's (Black centres with Chrome outer rims) looked really tidy. Both cars were parked directly across from the Briskoda Club.

3. Black GTI - It was lowered by around 50mm sitting on 15" Ronal LS wheels, 3 door with pressed Plates, Red Grille Strip too.

4. Red GTI - This GTI was also very tidy and I think (rubbish memory) was sitting on either Lenso or Keskin wheels, looked really clean & tidy.
It had the black OEM leather interior and was on 132,000 miles.

5. Silver GTI - This car actually went on the track and I think there was a girl driving it, look super clean and OEM. I am pretty sure it was W reg and from what I saw it was completely standard. I also passed this car when leaving the show.

Ben :D
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