Polo R 1.0TSI vs Seat Ibiza FR 1.2TSI

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Polo R 1.0TSI vs Seat Ibiza FR 1.2TSI

Post by Benethcheese »

Hi everyone,

So in January I'm getting a new car (NHS lease scheme) and Was wondering what you guys thought about getting a Polo R-line or Seat Ibiza FR.

I've noticed that seat have finally sorted the interior of the Ibiza out so it brings it up to speed with its competitors.

Both models above are 110ps with similar performance on paper.

Any one had any experience with both cars or have
Have a particular preference?

Might be worth knowing I currently drive a Peugeot 107 (69BHP) about 200 miles a week so either car would be a blessing :)

Let me know what you guys think!
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Re: Polo R 1.0TSI vs Seat Ibiza FR 1.2TSI

Post by RUM4MO »

I'd expect that you will get more for the money if you get an Ibiza, though as the residuals will be lower than the Polo, maybe not when leasing.

I completely agree with your comment about the interiors of Seats now being sorted out and quality improved, about time for that!

Some unknowns for me as I was initially comparing a 1.2TSI FR Ibiza and a 1.2TSI 110PS Polo SEL for wife's new car earlier this year:- size of front brakes, Seat seem to be a bit slow/reluctant to give the best brakes, 1.2TSI Polo SEL has ATE 288mm front discs and rear disc brakes, some FR Ibizas still only had the FSIII 256mm front discs and rear drums which is a bit worrying with 110PS! Also check that the new 1.2 FR has a 6 speed gearbox as the Polo will have. Maybe it is down to sat nav for you - that was not a consideration for us as we have a stand alone sat nav if needed. Comfort, the Polo will always have better sound proofing and maybe just slightly more compliant suspension, certainly wife's new 1.2TSI 110PS SEL Polo is firm but comfortable even with its 16" wheels on!
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