Electrical fault after jumpstarting

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Electrical fault after jumpstarting

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Car is fitted with a odyssey extreme pc1100 racing battery. Its a 1.9 tdi ibiza (pd160)

Long story short, it was jump started after going flat, since then:

5 lights have appeared on the dash, brake warning, steering, check engine, ABS, Airbag

Car instrument cluster does funny things, like it will say there is 90 miles of fuel, then jump to 120, the mpg indicators don't work. The speedo doesn't work.

I bought the car like this, and have put a new ECU in, checked the fuses inside the car in the fuse compartment and on top of the battery. Its now got a standard battery on. Really not clued up when it comes to electrical faults. Any help as to what i should try next would be appreciated.
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