Don't mess with the boss...

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Don't mess with the boss...

Post by toXXin »

...of this forum, as he has a magic moderator wand now! :D

Remember this is the SEAT Ibiza section. I don't want to see posts on anything else in here as I haven't got all the time in the world to move items around.

Also I'd rather not come back to the site to find offensive posts about the Ibiza or their owners (that includes me!) If you own one, you're entitled to rant about all the problems you've had with it though! ;)

Finally, I'd like to point out that Ibizas are the better cars, they're more stylish, have more character (they're more like Christine!) and they're cheaper, so they rock! ;) Only joking!

Take it easy,

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Re: Don't mess with the boss...

Post by bananaskin »

haha brilliant.

This section is pretty dead.
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