What retrofits are possible?

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What retrofits are possible?

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I have a 2008 Match 1.4 with the 6Q1 comfort module but no options like cruise control, TPMS, ESP, parking sensors, etc were fitted.

A cruise control retrofit seems fairly straightforward but I was wondering what else is possible as I can see the warning lights for TPMS, ESP, and cruise control are all in my gauge cluster but don't light up for the bulb check when I got to key position 2.

My main reason for wanting to fit cruise control is after doing 500+ motorway miles on the bank holiday weekend my right knee ached for quite a while afterwards.

I also noticed there are warning lights for unfastened seatbelts and door ajar which also don't seem to be in use and again don't light up for the bulb check when in key position 2. Should these be in use as the warning light for the boot being open functions? If not is there a way to get them to work?
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