My silly son

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My silly son

Post by Hadders »

Hi all, I hope you can help.
During lockdown my son thought it would be a good idea to gently reverse his 1.6 sport into a ditch with water in it. The drivers side got wet.
After letting it dry out for a few months I have started to fix it. A mechanic had a look initially and said it needed a comfort control box, I have bought a 2nd hand one with the same part numbers and put it in, and all is well, but now the drivers and passenger windows don't open and the drivers door doesn't lock on central lock or with the key and finally both passenger side windows will only work if I remove 1 fuse and put it back in and then they will only work for 5 mins.
I have replaced the drivers door window switch which has made no difference. I'm am presuming I need 2 electric window motors for the drivers side and a central locking motor for the drivers door, but this doesn't explain the passenger side. Does any one have any suggestions or tell me where I could get the parts from please.
Many thanks in advance.
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Re: My silly son

Post by PugBrothers »

Hiya! The comfort control module is a bit of a tricky one - besides the obvious electrics stuff with reversing into a ditch with a bit of water in (darn kids...) there’s a chance the CCM you bought will either need re-coding to match the car, or possibly cheaper is getting a pre-owned ccm that matches the model you replaced it with (there’s a number starting with H near the part number that helps being identical to what you’re replacing, plus it’s useful to know whether the module was coded to a three or five door polo / fabia / Ibiza and buy whatever matches the number of doors your sons has.

If you’ve already got the CCM out that’s basically the hard part of installing remote central locking, if you don’t have it already. There’s a few guides knocking around but with the right module, a cut remote key and a transponder from your spare key to put in the new one it’s not really that much effort!

Good luck either way.
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Re: My silly son

Post by RUM4MO »

I agree wrt the CCM, ideally to start on this job you would be an owner of VCDS or even Carista as both these scan tools can read all the car's smart controllers for faults, VCDS comes into its own when you want to find out the exact coding of the original CCM and then adapt the used one if necessary to match the original - Carista, I'd think, would not be useful for that side of things as I think it only covers adaption on models launched at or after it was placed on the market.

The driver's window control probably and the driver's door lock controller definitely ends to "master" the other windows and doors, so any problem with them can affect all the other windows and doors.

Good Luck!

Edit:- a pity that you were not a "VW Group" family already as buying VCDS is expensive but extremely handy to have if you have a few VW Group cars in your extended family circle.
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