Digital Radio - no dab signal

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Digital Radio - no dab signal

Post by joshua »

Hi guys,

Thanks for the various posts on here guiding me to the bits I needed for a radio upgrade. Have installed a Pioneer DAB unit, connected via canbus so comes on with ignition etc.

From a previous post on here - have also installed Fakra to SMB DAB + Aerial Splitter. FM etc. works ok - but it won't pick up any digital stations. Have connected the aerial splitter / amplifier power lead to one of the spare blue (aux power) leads on the wiring harness - but still no joy.

Anyone managed to get a DAB until working with the existing aerial in place?

Also - the Pioneer has a DAB aerial power setting on / off (have tried with both - no luck either way).

Any suggestions?

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Re: Digital Radio - no dab signal

Post by RUM4MO »

Personally I would not expect much until you had connected it to a DAB aerial, I've had DAB reception with a cheap windscreen aerial placed on the back of the passenger's seat back and not connected up its built in power supply - I only bought and used that to make sure that the DAB radio was actually working before doing all the hard work installing a DAB aerial as per factory fit.
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Re: Digital Radio - no dab signal

Post by ValleyForge »

I did the DAB upgrade and put a BlauPunkt sharkfin on the roof. Took maybe 10 minutes (and about 3 weeks to get the correct FAKRA cables).
And the GPS is much faster and more accurate.
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