Wanting to buy a 1.4 tdi or BM but...

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Wanting to buy a 1.4 tdi or BM but...

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Eyup guys

I'm interesting in getting a polo for work as i'm doing 140 miles a day (70 each way), spending £20 a day at 35 mpg in my current car.

I've worked it out that by driving a polo for the cost of around £2k, it would pay itself off in a year just by not driving the current car as tax is 350 a year and as mentioned above, i spend a ridiculous amount on fuel. Insurance is the same.

Just the thought of paying around £10 a day on fuel to cover 140 miles is making me want to get a polo tomorrow.

But i need your help please.

Can a 1.4 tdi or 1.2 tdi bluemotion achieve 70mpg on the m'way if driven normally? this will then only cost me £10 a day.
Do they have any oil pressure issues? i've been reading a lot on VW owners getting pressure issues either something to do with a switch/sensor or pump? is this a common issue?

I want to spend around £2k for one, 1500 for a mk6 facelift or around 2k, maybe 2500 for a mk7. Not bothered about mileage as long as its not above 130k as im not sure how long 3 cylinder diesels can last compared with 6 cylinders which im used to.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.
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