Good ODB Tool For VW?

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Good ODB Tool For VW?

Post by stephen_mca »

Can anyone recommend an ODB2 scanner for that works well for VW?

I bought a couple of cheap generic Chinese ones but they weren't any good.

I think I saw someone somewhere recommending a new one that was specifically for VWs / about £80.

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Re: Good ODB Tool For VW?

Post by CarbonChaos »

My personal favourite is OBDeleven, a Bluetooth dongle with a app you use with any smartphone , does require a good internet connection

You can do most things with this set up including adaptations and long coding (pro only ),it has one touch apps for the beginner and it is VAG specific not generic.

There is also a huge community/ forum if you get stuck or just want ideas.
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Re: Good ODB Tool For VW?

Post by RUM4MO »

There were, early on, ie when your car was built, a few very good and cheap OBD2 scan tools that covered all VW Group car's smart modules, I had one from Gendan that covered all VW Group cars up to roughly 2009. After that point in time, VW Group changed the "type" (brain is sleeping so I can't find the correct term) of communications so that killed off these early scan tools gradually module by module as newer modules were being phased in.

Maybe send Gendan an email, they are trustworthy and normally very helpful and they possible sell newer versions of the scan tools I am referring to which might give you enough in the way of fault finding though nothing in the way of changing codes - it really demands what you expect from a scan tool and if you plan to stay within the VW Group "family" and so get good use out of it over a longer period.

I was an early adopter of VCDS ie back in the earlier days of VAG-COM, maybe bought it late 2001, also I was an early adopter of Carista which means I don't need to pay extra for certain tasks and I keep a Carista dongle in each of our 2 cars - just for "away from home/on the road" fault finding.
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