I'm making cheap brake upgrades for G40's

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I'm making cheap brake upgrades for G40's

Post by LregG »

My housemate is a metal fabricator and i've been working closely with him to make brackets to allow the use of your standard G40 calipers (or Mk2 golf 16v calipers) but in conjunction with bigger discs

The reason i'm doing this is because you might be experiencing problems in tracking down audi coupe calipers and carriers and even if you do then they are big money due to being rare so i thought i'd offer a cheap solution to upgrading brakes

Option 1>

These brackets would have to be supplied with re-drilled 285mm discs for them to work which i can supply modified, ready to fit (with replacements available at a cheaper cost than G60 discs)

Option 2>

These brackets will make use of your standard calipers and pads and will fit directly over G60 discs without the need for you to carry out any modifications at all

Option 3>

These brackets will make use of post '89 mk2 golf calipers (not supplied, these usually sit over vented 256mm discs) for use over the modified 285mm discs. This will mean much more pad contact with the disc meaning greater stopping power than the two options above.

I'm very near to a complete cost of option 1 and i think i can offer it for no more than 100 pounds which is quite cheap for a brake upgrade including new discs!!

The only downside is the need for 15" wheels to clear the big brakes. If you have a set of show wheels in either 13" or 14" then all you have to do (with option 1 and 2) is to remove the discs and brackets and refit your original discs and the calipers back in the original postition and fit your wheels, there will be no need to bleed the brakes and you'll be done in less than 20 minutes

I'll post a cost of option 2 and 3 when i get the dimensions, cost of material and labour etc etc

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Re: I'm making cheap brake upgrades for G40's

Post by jtn678wjm »

I've just bought a mk3 coupe with no calipers discs flexible hoses or pipes on the front. It's only a 1litre so I'm looking for a set off brakes standard or updated
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