Mk2f engine swap HELP!

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Mk2f engine swap HELP!

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Basicly i have a Mk2f polo 1992.

It had the AAV engine untill it drematicly killed its self by leaking all its fluids out of the head / rocker.

well it was fine but back at the start of january the rear exhaust hanger broke and i could not drive the car without the exhaust dropping. so i parked it off the road untill i had the money to get it fixed (not a expensive job just a repair panel and some welding) about a week ago now i went outside to start it up to make sure the bat had not gone flat. This is where it began.

I turned the key the engine started and made a electricy wooring noise then it made a gargleing noise then it went to a very very lumpy idle.

i got out while it was running and stood behind it and the exhaust generaly sounded like a tractor (not standard exhaust full stainless steel 2" pipe only about 8 months old now) there was also a very loude tapping noise comming from under the bonnet.

I stopped the engine and opened the bonnet on first look i could not see anything a miss so i went and started the engine again and had a look under the bonnet.

straight away i noticed there was oil pissing out of the rocker and water pissing out of the head. i only let the engine run for a little more then 30 secs but in that time i watched the water level in the expansion tank drop from just below max to well below min. also the lound tapping noise i identified as comming from cylinder 3 under the rocker. Strangely enough the water and oil leak are in line with cylinder 3 aswell and they are in pritty much a vertical line from each other.

I attempted to drive the car up and down the road but as soon as i put power on and bring the clutch up to biteing point the engine just gives up and stalls.

also on further inspection i noticed the cam belt was very loose you can grab it and with no effort at all move it left to right 3 inches either way also when the engine is running the belt jumps about and its been rubbing on the cover which has worn it down in places so instead of tightening it i think a new cambelt is in order.

Well thats exactly how it went and the mobile machanic's that came to look at it all said its not worth repairing :o

Edit: the mechanics seems to think there was a hairline crack in the head and with the cold weather and it having no antifreeze its cracked :edit

I am looking for a 1.4 ABD engine as i know its the easiest fit and parts from my AAV will work with it.

So far i have only found a 1.4 AEX which requires a bit of modding to get it in to mk2f bay. :(

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Re: Mk2f engine swap HELP!

Post by Ray-d1 »

Is the 1.3gt not more or less a direct swap,plenty of conversions about for sale for reasonable money!
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