breadvan banded dilemmas

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Frigid hippy
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breadvan banded dilemmas

Post by Frigid hippy »

ive got a set of banded vw baby g60 wheels for the rear of my 1991polo bready.
They are wearing 9-9.5j rubber.
The question is, they are rubbing on the rear arches.
I dont want to cut or modify arches in any way.
Is there any way of fitting them without cutting (ie bigger shock ,coilovers ect)
absolutely any relevant advice welcome.

also if any one could let me know how to upload photos that would be great as i have a few of the bandeds on and the stuff im doing to the bready
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Re: breadvan banded dilemmas

Post by alexperkins »

The rear arches on mk3s are incredibly tight. Short of pulling the arches, and modifying the wheel well profile, there isnt much you can do.

For photos, youll need to put them on imageshack or similar, then copy the links to the images back to the forum
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