Need help with a no spark issue

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Need help with a no spark issue

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Hi guys and gals [emoji4] got a 1993 mk2f 1.3 single point injection genisis, that I have just done a full re shell on and come across a serious problem, pulled the car out the garage yesterday for the first time in a few month and now my car will tickover for a Minuite or 2 then build its revs up to around 2.5k then cuts out [emoji20] even if I try to keep it running by playing with the throttle it still splutters and cuts out [emoji20] it has also started to beep inside the vehicle with the oil preasure light being on solid :/

Car ran perfect before when it was in the other shell and its had everything including loom swapped over :/ I'm gonna check for air leaks today and try a few things but any ideas I'll happily try [emoji4]

Thanks for any help [emoji4]

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