1.3 NZ help

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1.3 NZ help

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Hello guys. I’m looking for some advice and been told that this is the place to come!

I have recently imported a Golf MK2 1.3 with the NZ engine. I’m Looking to get a little more power from it but what to keep a 1.3 and not go down the conversion route.

As of this, I’m going to have the engine completely rebuilt with a state 1 head along with Schrick 268 cams and twin Webber carbs. But I can’t find a 4 branch manifold. Can anyone tell me would a Polo GT manifold bolt straight on? As I can find a 4 branch for this but the company who supply it can’t confirm if it will fit my NZ.

It was also mentioned to me that I can replace the chip in the ECU? And fit the camshafts from a GT, is this correct? Would it be a straight swap? Or would I need to fit an electric fuel pump with it?

Any help would be much appreciated guys! Thank you for you help. Rick
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