Dayline Headlights

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Dayline Headlights

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Just been scouring the web and found these. What does everyone think? ... anguage=en
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Re: Dayline Headlights

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Oh yes. Now the 6R gets its share of the Dayline 'goodness'... :roll: Led sidelights only, no DRL (hence they're called 'DRL look'). Done with very dim and blueish leds you're used to seeing in those lairy Saxos and such. :oops:

I'd happily wait for the proper(?) D-Lite version of the same headlight to emerge. But that won't happen until Dectane have sold enough of these cheapo Dayline versions and their demand diminishes. Then they introduce the DRL approved D-Lite version and start making money again, some of it coming from those who 'accidentally' bought the Daylines first while thinking they're DRL... :wink:

Would be nice to see a picture of the backside of those lights. Probably it's the usual 'quality in a class quite of it's own' with separate wires and generic bulb holders hanging about.
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