My Candy White GTI

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My Candy White GTI

Post by RHgti »

Finally picked this up last friday following a 3 month wait, absolutely love it


Not planning on doing much, just some HIDs as once i decided i wanted xenons it was too late to change the spec :( and an RNS-510 if anyone can reccomend where to get one?

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Re: My Candy White GTI

Post by stuart.cameron »

Looks nice!

I got my RNS510 from ebay. £500 from Lithuania and was delivered within 24 hours of buying it, might not work as i cant test it but bloody good service!
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Re: My Candy White GTI

Post by JIC Cracked »

Make sure when buying a RNS 510 it's version C and above as they come with the LED screen & faster firmware 2760 they have a (Star Button) on the front top right corner!

The older version don't come with star button which are normally version A,B which are much slower and do not have the LED screen.
Most of the RNS 510 units coming up on eBay are from outside the United Kingdom, will be mostly version A,B which have been upgraded to version C firmware using hacked software, which at a later date can't be updated to the latest firmware and may brick your unit!

Also look out for counterfeit version C stickers, as the original VW one's have clear print and are perfect which located on the top of each unit!
hope this information help you find a good unit, instead of a lemon 8)
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Re: My Candy White GTI

Post by Der Finne. »

Looking good, RHgti! :D

And thanks for the tips on avoiding a lemon RNS 510, JIC Cracked!
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Re: My Candy White GTI

Post by tt509 »

nice mate
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