New here, Looking for suggestions for 6r

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New here, Looking for suggestions for 6r

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Hi all,

This is my first post here, and i wish to keep it short. I need reviews for my proposed mods on the polo.I am from india and I own a 1.2 TDI polo. There is not much scope for performance mods on it in india apart from tuning chips.But I would like it to atleast stand out from other Polos. Here is what I have done in PS. Please suggest on what I can add, and what to skip. The wheels wont be the same, but I want that paint sceme. And how can blacken the Headlights, I dont want to smoke them, it looks awful to me. I want a complete black thingy.

Stock Polo Headlight I got:

And dont mind that "L" on the back, I already got my permanent license last year, but the Window Tint got stuck over it :oops:
Der Finne.
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Re: New here, Looking for suggestions for 6r

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First of all, welcome to the forum. :D

I think those dark arches and door bottoms work quite well, creating a kind of CrossPolo look. That way it doesn't even cry for lowering.

Personally I find the stripes going over the car a bit too bold and cliché. Have you considered stripes set further apart and looping around the bonnet and tailgate, not extending to the bumpers? And the stripes turning from wide on the sides to relatively narrow along the leading edge of the bonnet (and trailing edge of the tailgate)? Also, how about the bumbers completely matt black, or matt black with just a 5-10cm stripe of white on top? Might create even more of a mini-SUV look.

To properly blacken the headlights you'll need to separate the clear lens from the rest of the housing, by heating the unit in an oven to soften the sealant between the lens and the housing. Then gently pry them apart, clean and prep the chromed parts of the housing for painting. Whatever you do, do NOT put masking tape on the reflectors! There's a real risk of the reflecting surface peeling off when you remove the tape! There should be plenty of how-tos on the net for taking headlights apart where you can find the right temperature for the oven. Too much heat and your headlights will be history...

And as for the colour of the stripes and headlight bezels, a dark anthrasite or similar might work better than (matt?) black?
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