Polo 2011 boot (tailgate) issue.

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Polo 2011 boot (tailgate) issue.

Post by mesh »


I have an issue with opening my boot. Using the fob or pushing in the VW sign does nothing.
I've managed to take the back cover off and can't see any issues with the wiring.
My next guess is to replace the lock. I'm thinking it could be the motor or the actuator - it's a guess. I don't want to take it to the dealer as I'm sure they will charge £££ just for diagnostics.

Can you help me with:
1. part number for the lock and any recommendation of where to buy (image 1)
2. what "bit" I need to open the screws and where to buy (image2)
If more details are needed please let me know.

hmmm...... Seems I can't attach images as I have this message:
"Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached."
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Re: Polo 2011 boot (tailgate) issue.

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Do you hear any activity when you press the keyboard or VW symbol? I have a problem with my 2015 6c version where it seems to trigger the opening mechanism but the boot stays closed. I have to have a few goes at it.

I think the rubber seal is a bit 'sticky' and needs to unseal which can be problematic as the mechanism only releases for a short period before effectively locking again. If you can get it open, try lubricating the seals (I know you can buy special rubber feeding cream although silicone based stuff might work subject to not being corrosive) as this might be the source of your problem.

If the locking mechanism is completely dead ignore all of the above.
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