6n Common Faults

Chat about your MKIV (6N) Polo
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bstardchild wrote:
cruisin_chris wrote:sorted, thanks mate! :)
Wooo hooo :lol:

now all we need is a moderator to have a sweep up :wink:

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Sorry I know this has now gone way way off topic, but I have to say a big thanks to top man Speedlaw.

I unplugged the water sensor on my way to collect a new one and the difference was amazing, so I knew I was onto a winner. Now with the new sensor in its perfect again.

Cheers matey 8)

Just need to sort the passenger window motor and stick a timing belt on now :roll:
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I am getting the engine cutting out whenever I disengage the clutch if the revs are over 1000.

having trawled this site for the fault I learned of the temp sender problem and ordered a got a replacement.

I have a '97 LHD 1.4 8v and the temp sender they sourced for me (from the Chassis number) had a blue ring. The one I took off the car was green.

Replacing it has made absolutely no difference :( So I guess I am down to cleaning the throttle bodies. That is unless any of you guys have any better ideas.

Is the throttle body job one I can do myself?

Also the driver door (LHD) key barrel stopped working... on looking inside the door it was missing. Is this a simple replacement or should I take it into a dealer?

Cheers guys.

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Engine starts then cutting out in hot start

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guys, my 6n's engine starts then cut out when starting the car in hot start?

any expert can tell me why and whats the remedies?
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gear box bearings, regular problem on all polos 98 onwards, most people drive around without changing it so not a biggy.
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my vw polo stalls when approaching traffic lights though sometimes the revs drop to about 600rpm and then go back up to around 850rpm.I am finding this very unnerving.

its a 1998 1.4Cl model,can anyone please tell me what the problem could me

many thanks in advance.
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Guys, if you just search the forum or read a few threads further down the page you'd find detailed explinations on how to solve the problems you're experiencing. But since i'm not a bastard i'll try help you out without having to search:

The 'stalling at traffic lights' problem is something I experienced myself and is usually because your throttle body is clogged with dirt and crap. The best way to solve this is to buy some Carb Cleaner and squirt it into your throttle body. For more detailed instructions read through this thread.
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Hi all,

I have a 1998 S reg 1.4CL with 43,000 miles on the clock.
I have read through this board and I have to say my car has been 100% for faults, except for needing to change the starter motor once and disc brakes once (this is normal for any car).
I service it each year and have never had any problems with it.
If anyones thinking of getting one, I have had no probs with mine.
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polo boi
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the driver side door latch is a bugger, mine has been replaced twice, once by myslef an once by the previous owner. :evil: dam latches
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very annoying buzzing noise from behind the dash :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted:
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1997 16v,

Really the main problems have been the idling and stalling - so cleaned throttle body - then it was revving eratically - changed temp sensor and hey presto it solved the problem. Still stalls occasionally when braking from 30mph+ and the weather is very cold (very scary as the brakes are power assisted!).

As for the rust the only problem is the sills were there is a join half way along.
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I have a 98 s plate and havent had any major faults with the car so far, just a few hiccups like spark plugs and thermostat but all is good, only thing that annoys me about it is the rust under the rear tail lights, seems to get worse the longer its left, thank god its goin in for a full respray soon x
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As everyone has said... the major common faults are the enging stalling when you put the clutch down and also the passenger electric window motor.

However every car has faults and unless you are willing to whack out alot of money for a car... THEN you should expect problems with whatever car you get.

The POLO is growing on me all the time. I had a Peugot 106 before the polo, and the polo is great. It has had problems but i have learnt to do alot to the car and not embarassed to play around with the car.
every time i do something i treat the car better when i drive.
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Things that have gone wrong over the last 3 years of mk4 1.4 16v ownership:

Electric window mechanisms have detached from inside the door
Thermostat housing snapped inside so the thermostat wouldn't open
Plug leads gave up
Distributer wore out
Ignition coil shorted out
Fuel pump stopped working
Temperature sender stopped working
Rust started to appear on the seam on the sill
Sticking throttle flap

That's about it I think

If only everything was as reliable as a Volkswagen :roll:
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