How do I get into fuse box?

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How do I get into fuse box?

Post by rachanwyl »

Hi. Stupid question, but I am trying to get into fuse box so I can access fault reading port.
I have found what I presume is the fuse box cover. At the bottom of it was two torque screws which I have since put back as it seems to loosen more than the cover.
I have tried putting thin screwdriver to prise the cover off but it's not budging. I don't want to risk snapping anything by being to force full.
Can someone explain the best way to get it off please?
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Re: How do I get into fuse box?

Post by alexperkins »

It just pops open, the screws are nothing to do with opening the cover

The diagnostic port is accessible without removing the fuse box. Can you post a pic of what you are seeing?
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