Constantly cutting out! 1.4 cl v reg

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6n1 red rocket
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Constantly cutting out! 1.4 cl v reg

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First post! Really hope some one can help please...this is my step sons car, which is a 122k 1999 1.4 cl petrol that keeps cutting out. Everything is ok when first started and driven but as soon as it gets warm the revs aren’t as smooth almost jerky and sometimes the revs pick up and it’s ok other times it just dies, which isn’t ideal.
I’ve had a garage look at it they stripped and cleaned the throttle body did a scan and said it’s ok just needs a service. I’ve done a full engine service (oil and filter change, new spark plugs,new HT leads,new rotor arm and cap) haven’t done the fuel filter as the fittings are being stubborn, the battery is new and the alternator is charging it, that aside it’s still the same...I’m thinking coolant temp sender but have no idea how to test it. any ideas? Car had a new MOT when bought last year how would it pass if it was like this?
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Re: Constantly cutting out! 1.4 cl v reg

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The engine coolant sensor could well be the problem if you've cleaned out the throttle body etc. A new one is less than a tenner and can be fitted inside 20 mins, so I'dl be inclined simply to replace it and see how you get on. Main problem is extra fuelling whilst cold is not needed when warm, but the sensor fails to tell the ECU the engine is warm.... hence rough running.

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