1998 Estate central locking not working, ac and so on

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1998 Estate central locking not working, ac and so on

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Hi everyone, first poster here...

I'm in Portugal but from the UK, bought my first car here today and it's a 1.9tdi Estate 1998... Unfortunately we went about 2 minutes and found the air conditioning not working, and in 35 degree heat we want it working!

The guy who sold us it is an auto electrician, and he had changed the AC radiator and gassed it, it's clear the radiator is new so there must be a small leak and he's apparently going to fix it 😀

Unfortunately the central locking doesn't work, and buying from an auto electrician I'm a little disappointed.... But I see used motors aren't so expensive, and that it's common it can be water ingress? So I'll strip the motor and see if I can clean it etc.

But my question is, being an estate, is the motor the same as hatchbacks etc?

Also finally, the blowers only work on 4 so from a quick search it'll most likely be the resistor I think? If anyone can advise how to get to it, and maybe even a part number of it's a specific one I'd appreciate it... I have searched, but can see regarding a 98 polo specifically.
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