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Re: THE Polo GTi Gearbox Thread

Post by gaidiic »

hi all.
I'm desperate, because today i got new problem with my gearbox on my 6n2 polo gti. I can't engage 5th gear. I was searching for information, what would cause the problem, but i cant find right the answers.

So, i cant engage 5th gear. All other gears engaging perfect, but today i cant engage 5th gear. Right before it happened, i was feeling, that somethimes it's was bit harder to engage 5th gear, but today cant do it at all. Before that, when i was driving in 5th gear, it never poped out from 5the gear. When car isn't running, i can engage 5th gear.
Could it be selector fork for the 5th gear? What about gear adjustment? Probably, someone had the same problem before, so i would be pleased to get any answers, how i can fix this.

p.s. sorry about my language, its not my native. Just trying to get some answers. Thanks...
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Re: THE Polo GTi Gearbox Thread

Post by alexperkins »

Sounds like your box has issues. The reason you cannot select 5th is likely that the synchro meshes inside the gearbox arent aligning making it impossible to select 5th gear.
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Re: THE Polo GTi Gearbox Thread

Post by gaidiic »

When i bought the car, previos owner told me, that he reconditioned gearbox. At the beggining everything was ok, but then it startet a bit hard to get in 5th gear. Rest of the gears ar engaging allmoust perfect.

Could it be that selector fork? I just dont know where to start.

If there was 6n2 gti gearbox for sale, then i would buy it immediately and reconditioned it, because than i would know, what is done with my car.
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Re: THE Polo GTi Gearbox Thread

Post by gaidiic »

went today to vw dealer and only thing that they could tell me was that i need new gearbox for two grand. My car isn't even worht that money. Ordered selection fork and oil. Will try to replace that one and will see if it would help.
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Re: THE Polo GTi Gearbox Thread

Post by sandshoes09 »

GTI Gearbox Failure number 2!

Car registration date (May/2000):
Mileage when gearbox Failed: 1st 90000 & 2nd 135000
Month/Year when gearbox failed: July 2009 & March 2014

Re-conditioned on first failure - Current failure only requires main drive bearings but may have full re-condition depending on cost.

VW Heritage Automotive carried out first full re-conditon for £600
Garage Address:
Heritage of Westbury
22d Broadway North
West Wilts Trading Estate
BA13 4JX

Garage Phone Number/E-mail: 01373 855856/

This time round I will probably go to a local gearbox speciallist in Bristol (Bristol transmissions I think?) as recommended by my mecanic - hes a good mate and has done a lot of work on my car so I can trust him, he also laughed at me when I told him I took it to VW the first time round!

Gutted it has happend again but I love the car and cant face getting rid of him even altough I have spent a sh1t load of money on him over the years.
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Re: THE Polo GTi Gearbox Thread

Post by jbh110tdi »

coolkast wrote: Driving around with 4 gears left, will save some money to convert the car to a Corrado G60 02a ATB Gearbox.
whats involved in fitting a box from a different car?
My 1.4tdi box is dodgy and im trying to get info on using a different box
steve p
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Re: THE Polo GTi Gearbox Thread

Post by steve p »

I need to replace the 4th gear in my gearbox , any idea where I can get the cog from apart from the dealer , and he cost of it .
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Re: THE Polo GTi Gearbox Thread

Post by 6N2GTI »

Cheers everyone!

I'm having a question regarding the rebuild of my 6N2 GTi gearbox and hoping someone might have a clue.

After 198.000 Kms the gearbox started to make some steel-ish sounds at contiunes speed or release of throttle in 1st and 2nd. Also gear changes got more stiff so decided to let it rebuild by a known forum member here in Holland. He has done many of the 6N2 (GTI) gearboxes.

After the rebuild, the steel-ish sound in 1st gear is completely gone. However, in second, I can still recreate this sound, being less present as before but my peaky ears can hear it.

Does anybody has got any clue? Is there a chance a bearing has forgotten? Like I said the sound is still present, but heavily less than before the recon.

Many, many thanks for your reply guys.
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Re: THE Polo GTi Gearbox Thread

Post by Swanee »

Car registration date (Month/Year): May 2016
Mileage when gearbox Failed: 2000 approx
Month/Year when gearbox failed: July 2016

Was the failed Gearbox
A) Re-conditioned (complete D)
B) replaced with new (compete E)
C) replaced with 2nd hand reconditioned (complete E)

D) Garage that undertook the work:
Garage Address: Lister VW Leamington Spa
Garage Phone Number/E-mail:

E) Gearbox supplied by: VW
Address: Germany
Phone number/E-mail: not known

My gearbox was thumping big time on changes, luckily the dash cam recorded evidence as garage said they cdn't find a fault. Fair play to VW who built a new box and supplied in two weeks and Listers who put a team on to get it fitted in one day
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