One has acquired an Polo

Chat about your MKV (6N2) Polo GTi
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One has acquired an Polo

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Just a couple of questions.

Was looking for a small cheap van for light use at under £1000 and didn't like anything I saw because I'm an old mechanic fart who likes old cars and can't stand newfangled plastic computery nonsense vehicles manufactured after about 1990 and accidentally found a cute little 2000 five door Polo in the most basic trim and just had to buy it on a whim, mostly due to the memories of a couple of 1987-88 Polos I used to have that I was given for free sometime around the middle 1990's and discovered that I absolutely loved the little buggers for their simplicity. Like little tractors. Bought it yesterday and drove it home with a smile on my face.

Anyway I've now got a 1.0 Polo in good original condition, meaning the usual things you get with a 20 year old car owned by some old woman: Regularly serviced engine and looks very clean and tidy but suffers the usual things you get with old cars like dodgy door locks and perishing rubber bits. It's even still got the unopened first aid kit in the compartment in the back.

So it's a lovely little car that's fun to drive (that I bought for no sensible reason) so I thought maybe I'll gut the insides and turn it into a really small van thing but want to find out a couple of things first.

Can I fit 14" wheels to it without any problems? Would like the slight height and gearing difference but it's not that big a deal. I just don't want to have to start faffing about raising the suspension and stuff just to fit bigger wheels.

How good is the electronic ignition on these things? Was never a fan of early leccy ignition but as it's a German and relatively modern car I suspect it's probably OK but should I carry spare bits for roadside repair in case it packs up along the way?

The power steering is way too sensitive for my tastes. Any way to alter that?

I assume as it's electronic ignition you can't bump start it if need be although you CAN bump start my electronic ignition motorcycle without a battery, so I'm unsure about this. Would be nice to know just in case.

Will annoying lights appear in the dash if I hack the exhaust off and just make it a straight through with a VW Beetle tailpipe at the end? I use one of those little chrome VW baffles on my bike and it's great but I suspect this car, although primitive by current standards, might have the odd stupid sensors and things fitted to give extra annoyance.

Also, if I do decide to gut the thing is anybody interested in the interior bits I'm taking out? It's all pretty good so it would be a shame to chuck it on the tip if somebody could use the stuff.
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