Gti grill badge - still available?

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Gti grill badge - still available?

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Next question... this bloody polos doing my nut sorting out previous owner syndrome!

The GTI badge for the grill, at the moment the last owner has fitted some lovely all red version with the more classic font, where as my friend wants the proper badge that should have been on the car, the more bubble type font.

It seems however that there was 2 versions. All silver or silver and red I. As the car is a late 2001 I think it should have the red I?

If so anyone able to confirm the part number? And if it’s still available from say TPs?

The common parts list shows two badges one Gti and one 16v but a quick google of the part number seems to bring up all known versions of the badges and I would like to make sure I only have to order it once.

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Re: Gti grill badge - still available?

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This might help ?


and you can see that on my silver car it's chrome with a red i on the rear
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