Starting Issue

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Starting Issue

Post by Mike__Drake »

Right Guys, bit of an odd one here, From cold my GTI does not like to start. This only seems to happen in the morning/from cold and once started it can be turned off and on without any issues. (the starter motor wont cut in). Can hear fuel pump prime etc. but not even a click from the starter. Thought to be the motor itself so have already replaced it but have the same issue although it dosnt seem to be as regular. 2 out of 3 days this week it started fine (changed the starter motor sunday eve.) whereas lst week i had to bump start it every morning.

Any ideas? ANy suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Starting Issue

Post by 937carrera »

Likely it is one of two things:

Poor / corroded connection on the starter or earth straps
Ignition switch on its way out.

Cleaning connections is an easy start, after that disconnect the soleniod connection and see what voltage you are seeing to the starter.
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