Known/common faults

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Re: Known/common faults

Post by lethal789 »

I have a 2002-2005 MK4 POLO 1.9SDI.

not sure if this should be here but ive bought the car in 2015 at 56k and yesterday hit 80k. posting stuff i can remember if it helps it helps.

Changed the heater blower switch or something like that as settings 2,4 didnt work.

Changed steering rack due to a leak.

Alternator packed in at 66K. (original and not really sure lifespan)

That F***ing dash crackles when driving. turning the music up works.

replaced cup holder twice as it sucks and fails.

Left speaker stopped working at 76K.

Replaced rear shocks 4 times(welcome to london)

Every bush been replaced at some point.

guessing most of these are not really known faults but its what ive noticed.

always serviced it fully yearly. been france and back 3 times. original clutch still and same battery 3.5 years.
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Re: Known/common faults

Post by Feeblington »

6n2 SE aua engine.
Bought car on 75k
Came immaculate and then
Both 02 sensors.
Map sensor
Egr valve
Ignition S fuse
Ht leads
Constant battery drain (dies after 2 days)
Adjustable dipped beam cogs broken (no headlamp adjustment)
As far as i can see the 02 sensors. Ignition. Egr and map ive seen quite often.
Also have intermittent abs light from rear driver side wheel sensor.
Oh and boot lets water in from high level brake light.
Driver door lock is....tempermental and fuel cap dorsnt always unlock.
And passenger window gors halfway up and then all the way doen again. Have to "step" yourself when doing window up or itll open itself
Lol again
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Re: Known/common faults

Post by Tashy »

I have the 2018 gti plus and have had a new hand brake cable - local garage advised it’s common on this model.

I’ve had my rear brakes squealing and creaking in reverse, the garage has stripped, cleaned and bedded in, had the car back was worse... back in stripped back down again cleaned. They still squeal a little tiny bit but no where near as bad as it did.

Now I need a new turbo actuator :roll: :shock:
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Re: Known/common faults

Post by kinggoodway »

I have a VW Polo Mk4 2002-2009, picked up the car fairly cheap so got the dollar to fix her up.

1) Headliner above passenger side in corner has a water leak, I have pulled the liner down and cant see any cracks or access of water, would there be anything else I can look at..after heavy downfall water have spread to centre of headliner above the internal light

2) Losing Revs, Evertime I'm coming out of a junction i got to give 2.5 3 thousand revs just to move, could this be a easy fix or is the clutch starting to go?

3) Going over a speed bump 10mph and its sounds as the suspension/ball joints are so solid, it sounds like titanic hitting a iceberg

4) Tappets On Engine, this is a known fault I will use thicker oil and see what happens

Any more advice would be amazing help, MOT due next month
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Driver side window

Post by Callowaybetha13 »

I have a 2004 polo twist 1.2
The drivers side window goes down but won't go back up. Press the switch to make it go down and it goes all the way down can't control it.
Once down it won't go back up again! The switch clicks but doesn't work even when the switch system is taken out the plastic casing of the inside door handle. It worked once the plastic switch is taken off to access the the internal switch system to press the rubber switch on the internal switch board. The passenger window switch works fine.
Any ideas as to what might be wrong?
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