New owner. How to verify I have a MK5 Polo?

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New owner. How to verify I have a MK5 Polo?

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Hello all

New owner of a VW Polo model year 2018. I'm a bit confused as to which MK is my Polo. This Polo was locally assembled in Malaysia I believe. Going by the old press releases it has been said this is a MK5 when it was sold in Malaysia in 2018. But the year just doesn't match what's said on the internet.

And when I bought this car, the previous owner lost the owner's manual.

How can I verify the MK? I've tried a few websites where one can key in the VIN, none of these sites are able to recognize my VIN. I guess I must have an oddball :roll:

First time owner of a Volkswagen or of any German cars!

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