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Just passing by to say hello

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Hello there,

I am new to this forum, so I thought I'd give a quick introduction to myself and my car. Sorry for using this part of the forum, but I never saw any introduction corners, so mods, please feel free to move this topic if I made a mistake by posting here. Also please excuse any grammar mistakes and weird phrases in advance, English is not my native language, but I'll try to make as few mistakes as I can.

I live in Hungary and I own my polo since 2014. Before that she was driven by my dad, who bought it as a new car in 2001 exactly on my birthday. He didn't wanted to buy it that day, the saloon just delivered it on that day. It is a 4-door, silver metal color 6N2 polo classic, with a 1.6 petrol engine. It was intended for the South-American market, but somehow it was left in Europe due to the lack of interest and was sold at a discounted price. We could choose between a factory radio or an AC, so we chose the AC, since you can always install a radio afterwards. It also has two automatic windows in the front, both with a comfort function, while the rear windows are manual.

Sadly we could not afford to buy a garage so it has been on open air ever since purchase. More on that later

I have quite a connection to it, I don't know if it's bad or good. She has been with me ever since. We had some arguments with each other, but she still is functional today. Currently it has a mileage of 90k kms (45k was done by me, I use public transportation for commuting, since it is not affected by traffic jams and it is cheap too).

Some history:
  • The car was only two days old when 3 of the 4 plastic rims were stolen. Ever since we rejected the idea of aluminium rims.
  • After the car became 3 months old, the hood and trunk door was keyed.
  • In 2010, the family went on a Vacation to Montenegro through Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia. Had a little excursion to Albania too. On the way back home the driver side window mechanic snapped and the window slid into the door. We were able to raise it, but the mechanic had to be replaced. Ever since the automatic window mechanisms had to be replaced on each side twice.
  • Had two accidents, both happened to my father. A drunken driver slammed into him at a red light from the back. The Bumpers were a bit scratched, but nothing else was visible, the same couldn't be said about the Fiesta though. After replacing the shock absorbers, and the bumper, she was able to go again. The second one happened at a supermarket, where a light van reversed into the rear passenger side door. I guess it doesn't hurt, when you look back while reversing.
  • The lambda sensor had to be replaced two times since 2001
  • The factory batteries were able to function for 14 years! I was really astonished by that fact, since the car was outside during the 40°C summer and the -15°C winter times too during all times. Since then I'm using a Bosch battery, which is currently 6 years old and works just fine. On colder days (when temperatures go below 0°C, I usually take the battery out and put it on a charger.
  • The AC has been working properly from day 1 and I still didn't need to refill the system.
  • in 2017 I had big hiccup with her, when on a hot summer morning I started the engine and the ignition hit back and ignited crankcase gas, blowing off the air intake from the engine, scattering plastic pieces all over the engine bay. Thankfully no plastic went inside the cylinders and my mechanic was able to replace the part.
  • My dad hit something on the underside of the car when he parked, breaking one of the oil seals. Ever since little amounts of oil is always leaking from the underside and I check the oil levels once every month.
  • We got a 12 year guarantee for rusting, and I wasn't able to see signs of rust to this day.
  • I had to replace the transformator once, after the engine suddenly stopped while waiting for a green light and couldn't start the engine again.
Current issues:
  • "Glass death": I don't know what the correct English term is, but the two glass layers on the front windshield started to separate. It's not major (yet), but I intend to replace the windshield next year.
  • Bodywork: My dad never had the money to fix the keying, so over the years it started to rust. I'm taking her to get repaired before winter. After the second accident the repair guy applied too much putty in the rear passenger side door and during one winter ride last year the paint started to crack. It sounded like cracking glass, so I stopped and checked all windows. Gonna fix that with the scratch marks.
  • Weird temperature readings: During winter the egine termperature indicator refuses to go above 70°C.
  • idle rpm changes sometimes: My mechanic told me that the engine temperature sensor might be broken, since it gives an engine temperature of 70 degrees, when the engine is cold. Or - he told me - the carburetor nuzzles are dirty and might have to be cleaned.
  • during winter the heating works way slower than it used to
  • The transmission stick feels a bit loose
  • Clutch feels a bit hard.
  • The type of headlight was used during the first few years and now the lenses on the headlight are faded.
Aside from the current problems, I still feel comfortable driving the car. Thank you for reading this far and if you can, please take a look at my questions below and if you feel like it, please answer them:
  • What could cause the idle rpm fluctuations?
  • Is the automatic window mechanism this bad? Is it a design flaw?
  • What kind of oil is recommended for this engine? Im currently using a synthetic 5W10
  • Is there anything in particular I should check now, that the car turned 20?
And finally a pic of her from 2004, parked in front of my grandparents

Please disregard the missing plastic rim, we lost it during the ride.
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