"No response from controller" Can't disable airbags!

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"No response from controller" Can't disable airbags!

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Hello, I tried this morning to disable passenger side airbag through VCDS and then VAG-COM 409.1, both activated, and I get that error message everytime "no response from controller" there are no way I can get into this module to just switch it off, as anyone found a solution to that problem? I've seen people saying that a KKL cable wouldn't be enough for that kind of operation and that one would need a K+CAN cable as they are coded differently in the ECU, is that true?

In the same fashion would it be possible to buy a simple keyswitch from late models and then accommodate it inside the car (I'm not afraid by some rewiring) and if yes then has anyone ever made it and how?

I need to disable that ***** airbag because I now have three young kids and a wife and I simply can't put everyone inside it. Thanks everyone and I hope you'll be able to help me out!
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